Quiz Time- Where Should You Move?

So I just took the quiz Where Should You Move When You Graduate and my result was “FORGET MOVING! GO SEE THE WORLD! You’re full of curiosity and don’t like the idea of settling down right now. You want to see it all and constantly adapt to different environments. Seeing the world will give you the confidence you need for any task at hand. Adventure calls, so what are you waiting for?”
That honestly describes me so well but I was surprised that it had that result.

Here is the link for anyone wanting to take it: http://www.buzzfeed.com/statefarm/where-should-you-move-when-you-graduate?plac=108935917&crea=0&camp=7977485&site=1575298&wt.mc_id=displaybuy
I never take these quizzes too seriously but they’re always fun to do.

If you took it and don’t like your result, where would you like to live instead?
For myself I’m thinking of California later on once I have a job (if I decide to leave Florida), but I’d also love to live overseas for a bit.

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FYI- Layout Changes

Going to be changing my layout a bit so if my blog looks a little crazy it’s in transition!

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Useful Travel Apps & Apps That I Wish I Had Used

Like any 21st century explorer one of the main things I did to prepare for going overseas was to find as many travel apps as I could. I’ve now taken the liberty of writing down the ones I used the most often as well as some that would definitely have come in handy.

Apps I Used
Whatsapp- Lets you text message people who have the app for free *requires wifi*

Viber- Lets you call people who have the app for free *requires wifi*

Paris Metro- Map and Route Planner: There were two Paris metro apps that I found before I left but I chose this one since it was free. If you are going to Paris and plan on taking the metro then you NEED this app in order to survive. It lets you enter in where you are and where you want to go, and then gives you the exact stops you need to go to. I would have been hopelessly lost of not for this app!

Apps I Wish I Had
Free Wifi Finder- This one’s self explanatory

Gate Guru- Just put in your airport and terminal and the app will tell you which eateries, services, and stores are nearby and how travelers rate them

Around Me- Tells you how far away each restaurant, hotel, bar etc. is and gives you a map showing how to get there

Any translator app is also useful in situations where you don’t know the language being spoken.

What are your must have travel apps?


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Cruisin’ in Style

Ok everyone so it’s been a while since I last posted on here, but don’t worry I promise I have a good reason as to why I’ve been neglecting this thing (asides from just being lazy)! I just returned from vacationing with my family in the Eastern caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of Seas, which just happens to be the largest cruise ship in the world. Weighing over 200,000 tons this ship of gigantic proportions is home to numerous night clubs, lounges and dining areas as well as zipline, rock wall, Flowrider (surfing simulator), and of course, casino. If you are ever thinking of going on a cruise, save up your money and go on this one because it is worth it!

The cruise lasted a week and stopped in Nassau, Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. Nassau wasn’t that impressive so if you miss it don’t worry it’s not a big deal, there are plenty of other places that have much more to offer. St. Thomas and St. Maarten were both very nice but to me St. Thomas was a lot more enjoyable. I took a bus tour of St. Maarten, so it wasn’t too exciting but I was able to see both the Dutch and the French sides of the island, which was pretty cool as I got to practice a bit of French while there. There were tons of excursions available though, and one guy I met on the cruise swam with dolphins, which he said was amazing. St. Thomas was by far my favorite stop. We took a fishing boat to St. John’s, which was a beautiful 45 min. ride from St. Thomas. While there we took a quick little mini tour of the island and finished with a 2 hour stop at Trunk Bay, which is rated one of the top beaches in the world. My only complaint is that we didn’t have more time here because it was amazing! The water was a beautiful aqua color and it had its very own barrier reef! We went snorkeling for about an hour and I’ve never had so much fun at a beach (and that’s saying a lot since I live in Florida). The reef itself consists of the area around the little island in my pictures below. There were fish of every variety and at one point I was swimming through a huge school of them!

This trip turned out to be one of the best family vacations I’ve been on. The ship had numerous events throughout the day and everything was organized perfectly. The people who worked on the ship were very courteous and friendly and the atmosphere of it all was great. There was a theatre which had about 4 shows throughout the week, including Chicago and a tribute to Bon Jovi, both of which were amazing, as well as adult gameshows and ice skating. So if you are planning on taking a cruise ship in the future, take this one!

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So I am officially back in the U.S. and am already missing the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. My last week in Switzerland was very relaxed, and on the last day I got to visit the little medieval city of Yvoire. For now, I’ll be finishing up the summer in Florida. I’ve got a family vacation coming up so I might post some pictures from that on here, but for the most part since my main trip is over I’ll just be posting/reblogging any travel related articles and pictures that I find around the internet. I’ll try to post at least once a week but I’m not making any promises!

So just keep checking back every now and then and thanks for following!

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The Truth About Backpackers

Just finished reading this blog post and even though I haven’t backpacked /traveled to the extent that many other people have, I felt that a lot of what the author says applies to me and how I view traveling. Definitely a great read!


– “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road” – Jack Kerouac

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Backpacking & Waterfalls Day 2

Friday morning I awoke to the sound of plastic bags being crumpled for what seemed like a billion times. The two girls from Korea starting getting ready & packing around 7am ,to the disturbance of the rest of us in the room, and since I was awake I decided to get ready as well. I finished around 8:30 and was about to leave when the guy from England got up. He said something along the lines of “Bloody hell who carries a million f*cking plastic bags with them when on vacation!” Needless to say we had a great conversation and I found out that the day before he and his friend went paragliding! They hadn’t planned what they were going to do yet but I assume that they ended up doing some other crazy outdoor activity! Continue reading

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